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Twentieth Annual Old-Timers Reunion         May 4th & 5th, 2002

Report on 20th Reunion


Fayle Gen Merchandise
Geo. A. Fayle General Merchandise

At final count there were 110 adults and a whole bunch of kids at this year's Old-Timer's Reunion - the biggest turnout yet. It just gets bigger every year. It was great to see so many friends and we are sorry for those who were not able to be there this time.

Somebody brought a 1917 Goodsprings newspaper which was displayed in the school (wish I knew who). The heading, above, and the adds in this report are copied from it.

Following the pot luck there was a meeting of the Goodsprings Historical Society. The Society has received a state charter, has received tax exempt status, installed officers, and is definitely up and running. They have set up markers at a number of historical sites around town and have organized a walking tour. They are collecting oral and written histories as well as pictures and artifacts. If you own any pictures, histories, stories, or artifacts that may be of interest please contact them at PO Box 603, Goodsprings, NV, 89019. The key people are Steve Fleming and Liz Warren.

I came home determined more than ever to write down some of my memories of growing up in Goodsprings. Overall it was a memorable time, spanning WW II. At least my kids might find it interesting.

simulated windmills
Goodsprings with simulated windmills


Among the current worries of Goodsprings residents is a plan to put 187 windmills on the top of the surrounding hills. They are not there yet but if they do come it might look like the (simulated) windmills of this picture. There is also talk of a second and third natural gas line from Wyoming to California and an electricity generating facility to be built in the Goodsprings vicinity. But the new Ivanpah-Jean International Airport is imminent. It will be a major airport, built on the dry lake between Jean and Stateline (now called Primm). It will handle all of the international and air freight business for Las Vegas, and will employ several thousand people, many of whom may live in Goodsprings.

Blacksmith and Workmen advertisements

Already the town is growing, with quite a few manufactured houses and several new, large homes. About 1/4 mile behind the Pioneer Saloon, Steve Fleming is building a large home on a small hill. And coming into town there is a two-story log home on the hillside directly across from the cemetary. I could not help but notice that all of the streets are paved and named, and the houses are getting house numbers. Who knows, we may live to see the day when they get their first traffic light. Won't that be disgusting?

Ford Cars
Ford Cars advertisement

Next year the Goodsprings School will be 90 years old. I understand that a town celebration is planned and will coincide with the Old Timer's Reunion. It should draw our largest turnout yet, and that is the best part, isn't it? It is great to see old friends, and new ones too. Complete information will be sent out with the announcement for next year's reunion, after the first of the year.

At this year's reunion we were again indebted to Marcia Whitney's family who cooked, cleaned, washed dishes, etc. so that the rest of us could have a great time. It was they who made it possible. Thanks !!

See you next year. Bill & Frances

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