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GOTR Annual Report 2005

Goodsprings Old Timers Reunion

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Report on twenty-third Annual Old-Timers Reunion April 30th and May 1st 2005

Report on 23rd Reunion

This year, with gasoline in the neighborhood of $2.50 a gallon, I never imagined it would be the largest reunion ever. There were 106 adults plus lots of kids. People came from as far as New York City, Tallahassee, Florida, and from Texas and Oklahoma. As always there were some who came for the first time and some who we hadn't seen since we were kids.

One big surprise was Lee Krider. He was one of my dad's old fishing buddies back in the 1940's. In his day he mucked more ore in more mines than most people have ever seen. Now, at about age 94, he looks better than some of us who are 25 years younger. On both days of the reunion he was among the first to arrive and the last to leave. I wish I could remember the people and events of Goodsprings as clearly as he does.

Lee Krider

One thing I remember, though, is that he owned an old model A or model T Ford car. When he moved from Goodsprings to some remote town in the hills of Utah, he put his stuff on his truck and towed the car behind with a tow bar. When he arrived in Utah he unhooked the car and discovered that the car was in reverse gear. He had towed it 400 miles with the transmission in reverse, He expected the worst as he started it up, but it ran as good as ever. He now lives in Pima, Arizona.

Thanks to an update by the Goodsprings Historical Society we learned some of the current issues:

The Historical Society has created a "Memorial Book" to remember the lives of people who have lived in the area. This will become part of the archives of the society. Information such as a personal history with emphasis on Goodsprings, pictures, etc. must be on 8.5 x II inch, acid free paper, with no more than two pages per person. You may send such information to Liz Warren, PO Box 19039, Jean, NV, 89019.

At the reunion a moment of silence was held for a number of people who will not be with us anymore. I am afraid of overlooking some, but the numbers included, Sheila Birdwell, Virginia Handy, Celeste Lowe, Ruby Barnes Schlemmer, Ike Manley, Dortha Krider, and Leonard Warren.

Since many of us were from out of town and stayed at a hotel, and were not able to contribute much to the pot luck, I was surprised at all the good food. Thanks to those who were able we had a banquet Saturday and plenty left over to do it again on Sunday. It was great. And as always Marcia Whitney's family came early and stayed late. They set up chairs and tables, washed dishes) cleaned up and took down. On Sunday they cooked us a miner's breakfast and again, did the dishes. What would we do without them. Some of us might not come if we had to do the work that they do so willingly. It is appreci- ated Thanks also to Julie Newberry and Avis Johnson for the great displays and the use of the Goodsprings School. It really adds to the spirit. If there is anything better than this year's reunion it would have to be next year's. We're looking forward to it already.

Exploring for oil in 1944
Exploring for oil in 1944


Bill Hamilton

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