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GOTR 23rd Annual Announcement

Goodsprings Old Timers Reunion

Goodsprings 23rd
Old Timers Annual

Announcing the 23rd Annual. Reunion of Goodsprings Old Timers and the annual meeting of the Goodsprings Historical Society.

April 30 and May 1, 2005

This year we will start on April 30th. The following weekend is Mother's Day and a good day to be home.

Ed & Steve

I received a collection of pictures today from my cousin, Carole Woodbury, who is the daughter of Paul Hughes. Paul had marked the box, "Goodsprings" and Carole felt they might be of interest to us. There are about 100 pictures including ones of John Egger, Marion & Jane Peihl, Pat Ballance, Betty and Elizabeth Fredrickson, Rose Grissel, Eileen and Lois Jacobson, Marie Kemple, Duane Kemple, Evelyn Kemple, Mary McClanahan, Jane and Elizabeth Schwartz and many others; including this picture of Ed and Steve Fleming. We will bring all of them with us.

Hope each of you can make it this year. It is always a great time.

Saturday, April 30th

Sunday, May 1st

The Community Center opens at 8:00. A great Miner's Breakfast will be served from 8:00 until 11:00 am. About 2:00 p.m. it is pot luck time again. Visits and good-byes.

In memoriam

We are sorry to hear of friends who we saw last year at the reunion for the final time. We will miss Ruby Barnes Schlemmer and Celeste Lowe. We hope there are not others of whom we are unaware.

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