GOTR 24th Annual Announcement

Goodsprings Old Timers Reunion
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Goodsprings Old Timer's Reunion
May 6th and 7th
24th Annual

John Egger

Do you know the names of these people? Going down the left side I would say that they are John Egger, Marion & Jane Piehl, Eileen Jacobson (Parley), and Lois Jacobson (Mass). Going down the right side I think, are Jane Schwarts (Fleming) and Elizabeth Schwartz, Mary McClanahan, Evelyn Kemple (Stewart), and Betty Fredrickson. They are from a box of 50 or more pictures that my uncle Paul Hughes had and that my cousin Carol Woodbury sent to me.

Marion & Jane Piehl
Eileen Jacobson


Lois Jacobson

Hope each of you can make it this year. It is always a great time.

Saturday, May 6th

Sunday, May 7th

A great miner's breakfast will be served from 8:00 until 11:00 am. About 1:00 pm it is pot luck time again. Then visits and good-byes.

Jane & Elizabeth Schwartz
Mary McClanahan
Evelyn Kemple

Betty Fredrickson

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