GOTR 25th Annual Announcement

Goodsprings Old Timers Reunion
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Goodsprings Old Timer's Reunion
May 5th and 6th 2007
25th Annual

Earl Myers
Earl Myers

Do you recognize these soldiers from WWII? They are Earl Myers, John W. Kemple and Orrell Myers.

Bill Hamilton has been the master of ceremonies since early '90s, taking over the job from his uncle Paul Hughes who founded the organization in 1982. Bill has decided to retire from official newsmaster & coordinator and has passed the job on to the Goodsprings Historical Society. We were all anxious to receive Bill's announcements and annual report with his news, humor and exceptional pictures. We hope we can keep up to his standards.

John Kemple
John W. Kemple

I'm sure we will see Bill & Frances this year and hope each of you can make it too. It is always a great time to be had.

Saturday, May 5th

Sunday, May 6th

Orrell Myers
Orrell Myers

In memoriam

Unfortunately we lost a few old timers: Bobby Bishop, 07/13/06; Marian Decaro, 10/25/06; Stephen Fredrickson, 03/01/07; Dale Hamilton, 05/21/06; Jack (11/30/06) and Flavia (8/10/06) Harris; Marilyn Hedrick, 10/16/06; Peggy Simon, 01/19/07.

The Goodsprings Old Timers Reunion also has their own web site at, which includes slide shows from 1999. Please adjust spam controls to allow email from for online updates.

See you there! Mickey Moran

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